About The Book

When a young fairy on her first assignment meets a little girl sad about her parents’ divorce, they must find a way to smile together. New to managing her own magic, the Heart Fairy cannot even make a safe landing much less control what she plucks from her special bag. Will a fluffy kitten help? What can they do with a fork? Are the crayons really magic? How can a picture soothe sadness? As Gracie and Anna learn together, imagination can help the Heart Fairy help someone else’s heart.

The Heart Fairy, written by licensed therapist and educational counselor Becky Gibbs, shows children a way to cope during sad times by using their own special powers of good memories and love. The beautiful hardbound bound book sparkles from the glitter cover outside to the charming and whimsical illustrations inside and is a story that Gibbs hopes will be a blessing to all who read it.

The Heart Fairy Book by Becky Gibbs


© 2014 Becky Gibbs